Sunday, February 17, 2019

The Battalion of Death

Maria Bochkareva was a soldier, fighting for Russia during the First World War. This episode was written and produced by Elk Grove High School World History teacher, Bruce Janu.  This episode is designed to demonstrate how a podcast can be used to tell history---by telling the story of the Battalion of Death.

Future episodes of Vox Historia will be researched, written and produced by students in World History class.


"Women’s Battalion of Death: First World War All-Female Forces From Russia" by Holly Godbey from War History Online.

Yashka: My Life as Peasant, Exile and Soldier by Maria Bochkareva, published in 1919 accessed via Google Books.

"Overlooked No More: Maria Bochkareva, Who Led Women Into Battle in WWI" by Elisabeth Goodridge, New York Times April 25, 2018.

"Maria Bochkareva" Spartacus Educational.

Maria Bochkareva

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