Friday, May 17, 2019

Jewish Resistance During World War II

When you talk about Ww2 you always hear about Jews dying before but never about their resistance against the Nazis. Jewish resistance in Auschwitz helped give hope to many Jews in a time when there was none. In this podcast Anne and Jakub talk about their experience during the resistance, in a fiction story about their lives. This episode was written and produced by Jayden Marquis and Emanuel Gonzalez.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

World Wars I and II: A Skit Saga

World Wars I and II were some of the most influential wars to our lives today. Not only did they open our eyes to many new ideas, they have taught us lessons that should never be repeated. On this episode of Vox Historia, join Abby Maciaszek and Katie Vassiliou as they host a show filled with skits to teach us about these two World Wars.

Technology: A journey through the shrinking of the world

The world today revolves around technology, and thanks to innovations in technology, the world has become a “smaller” place. From the invention of duct tape to the Nintendo switch, our world has been changing and shrinking from day one. On this episode of Vox Historia, Tara Baiti and Simone Sierra take you on a journey to see how the world has changed through technology.

Effects Of Decolonization through the Rwandan Genocide

The wave of the decolonization of European powers that came after World War 2 left a lasting impact on the African countries, leaving the native countries with the imposed boundaries made by the colonists. The imposed structures left by the European settlers created many conflicts with these young African nations. In this podcast, Mariano Alanis and Shyam Patel examine one of those reactions to the conflicts of systems that were caused by decolonization. The reaction being the horrible event that was the Rwandan Genocide.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The Effect of the colonization of Australia

In 1778, Captain James Cook, in search of a new colony discovered what is now modern day Queensland, Australia and claimed it for king and country. Initiating Britain to settle a far outpost for the empire and a dumping ground for prisoners after losing to the newly formed United States. The settling of Australia and the reasons that pertained to it reflect the imperialist attitudes of Britain wanting to expand to add land and power. The colonization changed a nomadic place to what is now Australia. In this podcast, we analyze the effects at a migrational, environmental and demographic aspect. This episode was written and produced by Mariano Alanis, Natasha Sevilla and Shyam Patel.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The Causes and Effects of the French Revolution

The French Revolution was a huge turning point in French society. Citizens of the third estate were tired of being mistreated and ignored and finally stood up for themselves and what they believed in, in order to get justice. On this episode of Vox Historia, Tara Baiti, Xiomara Myles, and Nikol Kroumova discuss the causes and effects of the revolution through the various points of view of people from this period.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

The Opium Wars

The opium wars highlights Britain and the rest of Europe’s imperialistic ideologies that underwent in the mid 19th century. These events ultimately dismantled China and their ways of life as nearly 10 million people became addicted to opium products. In this episode of Vox Historia, Dean Fries, Jack Anderzak and Adam Malmstrom provide actions and reactions on how imperialism changed the world forever.